The conversation goes along these lines:

“Dad, do you want to play with me?”

“Not at the moment mate, Daddy’s busy.”

“What do you want to play dad?”

“Maybe later mate, when dad’s finished work.”

“Do you want to play tractors dad?”

“OK mate, you be Big John and I’ll be Mac”

Sometimes we just need to stand back and allow heaven to “be here now.”

My wife and I believe our current purpose is to create “Heaven on Earth on Blaney” (our rural property).

Leading us to this current place in life is many years of experience in the world of farming and Land-care. I am a fourth generation farmer living within five kilometres of my great grandfather’s home. My roots run deep into the land. Having said this, I must confess that until I connected properly with the aboriginal history of this land I had not connected fully with the spirit of this land.

Having an experience of chemical poisoning, which was only fully healed by a change of diet, at the same time I was learning about “Biological Farming” linked together the incredible aspects of HOW our food is grown with the QUALITY of the food we consume resulting in the HEALTH of ourselves and our COMMUNITY.

The resulting odyssey included many years of study across all farm production methodologies followed by many years consulting to farmers and agronomists around the world. Added to this was the experience of starting an agricultural supply business (for biological inputs) with only myself, my wife and my best friend, then building this business over ten years to employ over 20 people. At all times looking to test and implement on our own farm what we were actively teaching other people. If I could not make it work at home then I would not assume to teach others how to do it.

My wife and I have four children from age 10 down to age 3. With the support of the best nutrition we can grow or buy, we haveMcCosker Family the proud record of only one course of antibiotics taken over ten years of parenting. This is not inherited from me as I was a reasonably sickly kid. This is an expression of an understanding of nutrition, balance and health.

Balance is a key word. It is our experience that with an understanding of natural balance a farmer can lift the natural health of their crops to the point that they do not need chemicals, insecticides or herbicides. This is not an ideological position. This is simply natural abundance expressing itself. At the same time we reduce the artificial inputs, nature can increase yields anywhere from 10 – 50% over conventional agriculture. Simply by observing and implementing natural principles.

One wise person once said, we will never achieve true sustainability until we have an appreciation of natural beauty. This is a process of reconnecting to nature and in particular to our own land.

One of my mentors told me that “energy precedes matter.” When the aboriginals walked the song lines of the land and “sang up the land,” they deepened their connection to this land. Today we need to reconnect. We can in fact observe all the management solutions from expressions in nature. If it is our intention to find a solution in harmony with nature, we can and will find that solution.

Imagine if our relationship with our own land was one based on real Love. How often could we apply toxic chemicals without destroying our own heart? My own experience of this form of working with the land is that not only is it more profitable, it expresses a natural abundance beyond our wildest expectations.

Nature can truly express “Heaven on Earth”

Mike's Son