Holly Tucker


Some people balk at the 2012 Mayan prediction of what was erroneously portrayed as dooms day, more accurately called The Great Expansion. I believe it was the beginning of a cultural shift for humanity, moving from a “me” culture to a “we” culture.

Through nearly 40 years of working in various team environments, never have I felt more resonance that the importance of our collective intelligence is finally being realized.

Through this intelligence we can see more clearly the damage to the planet (and therefore it’s inhabitants) from our present systems of energy, agriculture, and health, for example. Through more mindfulness, we are transforming ourselves AND our systems of living – like how we generate energy, grow food, maintain health and how we travel.

I’m a member of World Harmony because I want to help facilitate this cultural shift from old systems to new systems offering clean energy, biological farming, holistic health and other sustainable systems. We have the power to do this through synchronistic living and principle-based collaboration, including a win/win/win model – “you win, I win, the planet wins.” Indeed nourishing nature and one another is a new blueprint for living.


Kindergarten Report Card

My role in World Harmony is about collaborating because being part of a team towards a positive shared goal has always motivated me. Whether it was working in primetime network news production, Hollywood filmmaking or national green building advocacy – I’ve always been fascinated with the fine tuning and inner workings of human connections in a cooperative environment.

Trained as a project manager, my goal is always a healthy cooperative system of people working together. Like the collaborative microcosm of the human body, where every cell has a purpose towards the greater good and only through cooperation is the mission successful. Otherwise, going rogue is cancerous to the quest.


Commerce today seems to be migrating to project- or team-based models so I’m excited to witness successful businesses being born out of nimble group dynamics. And more emphasis is being placed on leadership-with-principle, less on leadership-with-hierarchy. This confirms our transition from “me” to “we” and represents a trend of many innovative companies who recognize knowledge is not a one-way street. Instead companies are sharing the knowledge through a culture of self responsibility and accountability in team-based environments.

Often hierarchies within companies can be an impediment to the most important conversations. Which is likely why the Boston Beer Company – makers of Sam Adams beer – tried a different approach in their cultural shift. Founder Jim Koch instigated a communication policy known as the “F–You Rule.” All employees are encouraged to sit with their boss, including Jim, and “express” themselves, as long as they promise  to include the “why” and the “what” behind the feeling. Not the most graceful move towards a cooperative management model but it demonstrates a simple example of how to soften hierarchy and promote self-responsibility.


Through my experiences as a project manager, I bring to World Harmony a variety of skills but most importantly the capacity to be an effective communicator and facilitator. Both requires emotional intelligence, especially of myself. Only by doing my inner work first – owning my “stuff”, recognizing personal triggers and beliefs – can I expect my team members to “own theirs.” This more honest frame of referencHuman Spirite allows my empathy to be more authentic. (Empathy is a pre-requisite in facilitation.)


Living authentically is a work in progress, but to do so is part of a new blueprint for sustainable solutions. Authentic living is about following our passions. And doing so collaboratively, we stand a better chance of building successful, WIN/WIN/WIN systems for real social change. We can tap into the physical web of energy that connects everything in our world, and use it to freely power our homes and cars. We can create a health system focused not just on wellness but on age reversal. (These innovations exist but struggle against the suppression of non-sustainable special interests.)

No doubt the tasks are many and we can’t innovate alone. Well we can, but it’s just a whole lot more fun together!




“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” – Ryunosuke Satoro




Obtaining a private pilot’s license was a dream come true. When I can’t fly, I dream of flying. It’s the ultimate expression of freedom…at least in this dimension. 
“Weeds” in your backyard can clean your liver (dandelion), heal a bee sting (plantain), or cure a headache (daisy). Nature has millennia of experience compared to pharmaceutical companies when designing remedies for good health. Course you can’t make a lot of money on weeds.
I’m an amateur but squishing clay together is AWESOME therapy.img_2020
I love all dogs but if you’ve been a guardian to a border, you know it’s a bond like no other.Sky and Maddie 4