Beverly HeadshotIn August 2014, Trevor, his partner Annette and I were enjoying a coffee and Trevor asked me what I thought about The Course of Miracles, to which I replied that it’s a wonderful body of work, which I respect and enjoy immensely. However, one of my strongest beliefs is that I do not worship at the temple of one particular God to the exclusion of all else. All roads lead to Rome.

And hence the title, “Inner Harmony” was breathed into life.

I’ve known Trevor and been involved with World Harmony in the background for a number of years in various capacities. I’ve enjoyed watching it grow from strength to strength and am pleased to be participating in it again on a much deeper level. I came from the corporate world in a previous life and have never been happier since walking away from it 15 years ago. I found myself immersed in a quest to find that “inner harmony” myself and assist others to do the same.

My philosophy is based in the belief that all behaviours are motivated by unconscious impulses, namely neurological triggers. These triggers, whether negative or positive are based upon certain beliefs that we act upon when triggered by specific situations. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is just one of the many tools I use to identify triggers which cause us to think or react in a particular way. When we understand what our triggers are, we can utilize them to transform and resolve a negative thought pattern and belief. It allows us to transform our anxieties, fears or destructive behaviours, into positive belief systems and lead more enriching lives.

I’ve often asked myself the question over and over again, “What can I possibly do to make this a better world?” The answer was right in front of me. To be a part of World Harmony is a privilege, doing what I can to hold the light for those who may have lost their way – bringing Inner Harmony to those lives we touch.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” – Plato